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2666: Now is the time to read it

I’ve been recommending this book like crazy for the last couple of weeks. It helps when you’re lugging around a big eye-catching doorstep from home to train to work and back again. I finally finished the book this weekend and let me just say again, I highly recommend you read this book.

I know, I know, it’s a big thick bastard and you’ve heard that at some point in the middle it gets gruesome. It’s true, all of these things are true. Also, the book is incredible. It succeeds at two very difficult book tasks: Being an exceptional work of literature and being a brain-altering suck-you-in page turner.

And I’ve got good news. The same folks that brought you Infinite Summer (which I took part in and thoroughly enjoyed) are doing the same for 2666. I give you Las Obras de Roberto Bolano. And it starts this week!

(I didn’t wait for this event because I didn’t want the reading to compete with my <PLUG> Kickstarter project Andrew vs. The Collective </PLUG>.)


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