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What’s the recipe for an epic story?

Mix in one part mythology, two parts heroism and a healthy spoonful of everyman…

I’ve come to the final story of Andrew vs. The Collective, which I plan on writing over this weekend. I want this one to be an “epic” story. This is how I described it to the backers when I asked for their submissions:

A young unassuming rural resident will be visited by a mysterious older gray-bearded man possessed of strange and unexplainable powers. Said resident will be told that the world as he/she knows it is in grave, grave danger and only he/she can save it. This will begin an epic journey that will culminate in the ultimate battle of good vs. evil.

I feel like this is the way every great contemporary epic story begins (The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, the Wheel of Time series). But I need to figure out the rest of the elements before the weekend. What makes a contemporary epic?

(Also, PS – if every you’ve wanted to sign up for some crowd-sourced fiction, you have just about 48 hours.)

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